Two pieces of press-locked bar grating on black background.

Press-Locked Bar Grating

Firm and Rigid Connection for most durable and highest strength.

A piece of smooth and a piece of serrated steel grating on dark gray background.

Welded steel grating

Smooth & Serrated Surface for your options

Serrated grid grating with anti-slip nosing are installed as stair treads.

Serrated Grid Grating

Unique design to protect workers from sliding hazards

A man id measuring and a man is see drawing. Two bundles steel grating on blue background.

Lingus Specializes in Steel Grating and Bar Grating System

Anping Lingus Steel Grating Factory, professional steel grating manufacturer, has more than 20 years experience in producing and exporting steel grating. Except for standard steel gratings, we can also customize special specifications, shapes and structures according to your requirements. Just order standard and popular specifications or customize your specific products now.



Steel Grating

Steel grating, galvanized steel grating, stainless steel grating, aluminum grating, fiberglass grating, steel grating bars.

Steel Grating Bar

Steel grating bar is one common type steel grating series products. Galvanized steel grating, welded steel grating bar, press locked grating bar are widely used in security floor and walkways.