Technical Support Center of Steel Grating

The installation of steel grating welding and installation folder can be used two ways; welding fixed for the permanent position does not require demolition, such as equipment around the platform; and with the use of the installation folder does not undermine the zinc layer and the demolition of the characteristics of convenience.

Welding is fixed: usually at a flat 2 flat steel welding, weld length of not less than 20 mm, not less than the high welding 3 mm, the use of plane angle weld; if the grating or the span of particularly large particularly when the load above the need to strengthen the Korean joints.

Installation folder for a variety of grating specifications, see the following description on the installation folder.

Regarding saddle clip installation, at least four sets of saddle clips would be used in one grating. It would be better using more in the saddle for these gratings with a bigger span.

Steel gratings can be installed in two ways: welding is advisable for those of permanent use without being removed/ dismantled. Just weld it onto the support with specific location at the first piece of flat steel of each corner of the plate. Fillet weld is required with weld length not less than 20 mm and height not less than 3 mm. Installation Clips, which will not destroy the zinc coat and be easy to remove, are available. Each panel shall use at least four installation clips. For the larger panels preferably some more clips are required to fix to the available support members.

Saddle Clip

Saddle Clip:

A special bent-clip type bar grating fastener for removable bar grating panels available in aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized steel. Clips are supplied by request and do not come automatically with grating order. Other fastening accessories to be provided by others. (Note: Cross bars may need to be snipped in the field to facilitate placement of saddle clips.)

Grating Clamp

Grating Clamp:

A special friction fastener available in aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized steel used in conjunction with bar grating and embedded grating frames. (Note: Cross bars may need to be snipped in the field to facilitate placement of bar grating clamps.)

Grating Clamp

Anchor Block:

Anchor blocks of 1⁄4" or 3⁄16" thick aluminum or steel may be shop welded by the grating manufacturer and used to fasten permanent or removable grating panels. Anchor blocks are recessed thus offering a trip-free surface.

Z Clip

Z Clip:

The most versatile clip anchor available is the Z Clip. These clips are especially helpful in holding down riveted grating. Z Clips are manufactured from stainless steel and are available in 1" (1" and 11⁄4" grating) 11⁄2" (11⁄2" and 13⁄4" grating) and 2" (2", 21⁄4" and 21⁄2" grating) with a pre-punched hole to accept a 1⁄4" bolt or TEK screw (by others).

Plank Clip

Plank Clip:

A special friction fastener used in conjunction with plank grating and embedded grating frames. When plank is banded plank clips are pre-installed.

Plank Lug

Plank Lug :

A plank lug inserted and tack welded between flanges can serve as an anchor block for plank grating. TEK screw fastener by others.

Countersunk Land

Countersunk Land:

For close-mesh aluminum grating (7⁄16" bearing bar centers) a countersunk land may be drilled by the grating manufacturer for use with a 1⁄4" diameter TEK screw (by others).

Tack Weld

Tack Weld:

A positive method for anchoring all permanently installed grating. Welding is done in the field by other than Direct Metals.