Electro forge Pressure lock Gratings

Pressure lock gratings

pressure-locked gratings are used in the industrial sector as well as in civil engineering industries. In addition they are particularly well suited to all types of architectural applications. Pressure locked gratings are made of steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

The high pressure and the slit production of the bearing bars guarantee a firm, torsion rigid grating structure. The load distribution is optimum. Thus, even cuts that may be additionally necessary on the construction site have little influence on the stability and usability of the grating structure.

Pressure lock gratings types: Fabrication procedure (pressure-locked gratings), bearing bar, pitch and binding are denoted by type designation. Serrated pressure-locked gratings are indicated by an "X" before type designation.

Electro forge Pressure lock Gratings specifications:

  • Bearing bar = flat steel 70 × 5 mm.
  • Pitch = 33/33 Cross bar pitch and Bearing bar pitch value both to 33 mm.
  • Binding bar = flat 30 × 5 mm (Vendor's choice).
  • Specification of the gratings: P 570 - 33/33 – 5.
  • Material quality = S355J2G3.
  • Finishing: Zinc phosphate gray primer coated.
Pressure Lock Grating 1
Electro forge Pressure lock Gratings