Grating for Walkways & Access Platforms

Steel grating is commonly used for walkways and access platforms. The steel grating materials can be aluminum, fiberglass, galvanized, stainless steel and mild steel, etc. The materials and specification can be supplied as the special need.

Grating used as a flooring product is the most popular function. With such a wide variety of grating meshes, depths and therefore load capacities available the requirement for support steel can often be minimized. Walkway grating is a one-piece metal plank grating manufactured by a cold forming process in the shape of an inverted channel. The web of the channel is the walking surface and has large embossed holes, surrounded by smaller embossed traction buttons. The extended flanges support the load and provide a built in kick-plate (toe-board).

Platform gratings are generally used with Q235 flat steel and 5x5, 6x6, 8x8 mm square steel as a bar. It often uses plain type welded steel grating.

They are mainly used in factories, workshops, mining, ports of various platforms. And it is a replacement of the new building products.

Features & Benefits

  • Embossed traction buttons provide superior slip resistance in all directions and in all weather conditions.
  • Large embossed holes provide maximum drainage of debris and allow up to 50% free air opening depending on channel width.
  • Self-cleaning due to resilience of walking surface.
  • One-piece metal construction complete with a full 5" toe-board height on each side of the walking surface.
  • Lightweight design provides high strength to weight ratio.
  • Long life span requiring little maintenance.
  • Simple and economical installation as walkways are self-framing.
  • Adaptable to cost effective custom fabrication.
Grating for Walkways & Access Platforms
Grating for Walkways & Access Platforms
Grating for Walkways & Access Platforms
Grating for Walkways & Access Platforms