Stair Treads

Stair treads are most commonly done in the forge bar grating. We can however make them in twist lock in mild steel and aluminum. We can manufacture stair treads to any length and width to meet your specifications. Below is a table of guidelines for different grating types and their recommended span. Steel Grating Limited also provides floor plate nosing on stair treads for definition and yellow abrasive nosing for high definition and extra grip. Serrated treads are also available.

We have eight different types of stair treads here at Steel Grating Limited, shown in the table below. A variety of nosing are available from checker plate to perforated plate and yellow non slip nosing. The application for the stair treads will depend on which type of nosing you should use. If you are unsure which type of nosing to use please ask.

Stair nosing can be easily attached to problem areas to give non-slip properties and high definition in low light. Stair nosing can be installed on open grating, checker plates, wooden steps and concrete. Steel Grating Limited's anti-slip flooring is a range of pre-engineered, pre-formed anti-slip sheets designed to simply fit onto any existing floor surface. Tough and long-lasting, the anti-slip surface provides complete safety in virtually all conditions. Very easy to install and clean, anti-slip flooring can be cut to your requirements or trimmed on site for a fitted finish.

Steel Grating Limited provides two types of abrasive nosing:

  • 3 mm molded isophthalic polyester F.R.P nosing.
  • 1.6 mm galvanized back nosing.

Installation methods:

  • Open grating: bolt and universal clip.
  • Checker plate: bolt or tech screw.
  • Wooden step: super screw and glue.
  • Concrete: pin and glue.

All stair treads are custom fabricated to meet the size, width and length specifications of a particular job. In addition, standard end plates can be custom fabricated to meet special bolt hole size or location requirements.

Both steel and aluminum nosing are available to add strength at the point of greatest impact and provide a definitive visible edge for extra safety. Choose our checkered plate nosing for normal use. For additional safety, choose our cast iron or aluminum abrasive nosing or our corrugated aluminum nosing, or dimple nosing available in carbon stainless or aluminum.

Steel Grating Standard Sizes

We stock and supply standard sizes in galvanized back and F.R.P. but can also custom-make to suit your specific requirements. Our stock sizes are as follows:

  • 450 × 50 × 20
  • 580 × 50 × 20
  • 730 × 50 × 20
  • 880 × 50 × 20
  • 1030 × 50 × 20
  • 1180 × 50 × 20
Stair treads
Stair treads