Bearing bar types

Steel grating is made up of bearing bar and cross bar as certain distance by welding or pressure locked. Bearing bar have the types: flat type (also called plain type), serrated type, I bar type (I plain type and I serrated type). According to the bearing bar materials, there are carbon steel bars, mild carbon steel bars, stainless steel bars and so on.

flat type or plain type
serrated type
I bar- plain type
I bar- serrated type

Flat type bearing bars are made from steel strip or slit sheet or from rolled steel. These are produced using high quality steel materials which exhibit good hardness, ductility and tensile strength. Our bearing bars provide extremely good level support for floor joists. They have excellent finishing and based on clients' need we provide them with untreated, galvanized or painted bearing bars.

Applications: flat type bearing bar gratings are the most widely used gratings, available for flooring sidewalk, all kinds of ditch cover, stair tread, etc.

Serrated type-bearing bars delivers excellent performance in application areas, which are slippery, oily, moisture filled. They form a sort of anti-slip grating with their non-slip notches offering them a very good grip. They are made using mild carbon steel or stainless steel materials. We offer variety of serrated products in this category such as, normal serrated, serrated interrupted, serrated trapezoid, serrated carrier bar and serrated carrier bar with cross bar. For inclined gangways with a pitch of 10-25 degrees, we also provide grating with tread strips.

Advantages: Serrated type bearing bar gratings are best non-skid property & safety compared with plain grating.

I type bearing bar is one among the highly demanded product in our range. Features such as high strength, cost-efficient production processes and ease of installation are incorporated in all of our mild steel grating products. Because of its high strength and durability, these bar gratings can withstand extreme loads, quite comparable to solid floorings. Our products have wide range of applications such as Walkways, Platforms, Safety barriers, Drainage covers and Ventilation grates. Standard panels available for this product are in 6 × 1 meter at any size of bearing bar/cross bar and at any center distance as per load design.

Features: I type bearing bar is lighter, not substantially weaken the case of load capacity more economical and practical comparing with plain grating.

Bearing bar types